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Wharton carpet cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning and tile restoration for your home or business. Our professional cleaning services are designed to provide home and business owners with eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and child-friendly cleaning solutions that will leave your house clean, fresh, and healthy.

Wharton Carpet Cleaning offers professional carpet & tile cleaning services that get rid of the hidden dirt to restore the shine and luster to your floors and carpet. Our tile cleaning process ensures that your tiles are squeaky clean and allergen-free. We only use pet and child-friendly products to restore your home's aesthetics and function.


Carpet Cleaning
$ 98
  • 3 Room Special


Carpet Cleaning
$ 118
  • 4 Room Special


Carpet Cleaning
$ 138
  • 5 Room Special
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Top-Rated Carpet And Rug Cleaning Services In Phoenix, AZ

Carpets offer incredible softness, coziness, and beauty to a room. They add a unique esthetic balance to the interiors of your home that reflects your taste and style. There's also nothing quite like the soft feel under your feet when you walk through a room.

But the truth is, every day, your carpet is subjected to a lot of moisture, food, dust, and disease-causing bacteria. That is why regular carpet cleaning is important – to ensure that your home and business look its best, smells great, and is free of built-up germs and dirt.

At Wharton carpet cleaning, we understand that a healthy indoor environment starts with clean carpets. Our services are therefore tailored to offer customized carpet cleaning services to our community, without having to use any harsh chemicals.

There are so many carpet cleaning companies in Phoenix, AZ, that claim to offer cheap carpet cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, most of these companies end up delivering shoddy cleaning jobs and poor workmanship that may cost you more. Wharton Carpet Cleaning is one of the best and most reliable cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ, that works with you to keep your space clean.We understand that every home and office has unique cleaning needs that require a truly customized approach. We have different cleaning procedures for every type of fabric, which ensures that your carpets and upholstery are thoroughly cleaned with minimal impacts on the fabric. As a result, you’ll get a pristine clean carpet and upholstery that lasts longer before becoming stained or discolored.

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Technology

At Wharton Carpet Cleaning, we have invested in top-of-the-line truck mount carpet cleaners that deliver superior performance even in the most challenging environments.

By using the truck mount, our technicians don't need to bring large machines into your home and only need a cleaning wand and a hose pipe. This ensures that any excess moisture, noise, and contaminants are eliminated from the cleaning environment.

The truck mount also allows us to work faster and better to get rid of dust and bacteria from your carpet. The entire carpet cleaning process is fast and easy so that you have minimal disruptions at your home or office.

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