Peoria, Arizona

Peoria, a gorgeous city situated in both Maricopa and Yavapai counties of Arizona state, is the perfect escape from

. It is the eighth-largest city in Arizona and has a population of 194,917 as of 2021. With most of its area located in Maricopa County and just a portion to the north belonging to Yavapai County, Peoria offers an idyllic retreat for those looking for some peace after the hustle-bustle of life at Phoenix.

Peoria, Arizona, is a vibrant, modern city situated just 30 minutes away from downtown Phoenix. Established in 1886 as an agricultural community, Peoria was incorporated on June 7th, 1954, and has since experienced incredible growth while still providing residents with the highest quality of life amongst the breathtaking expanse of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

Peoria Arizona's History

Peoria is nestled in the grandeur of Salt River Valley, embracing the majestic foothills of northern mountains. William John Murphy, who worked diligently on Arizona Canal, drew settlers from Peoria, Illinois, to begin a settlement in this beautiful area. On the cusp of November 1886, Albert J. and Elizabeth Straw made history as the first to settle in the town. Shortly after, William T. and Sylvia Hanna, James M., Clara Copes, plus James and Ella McMillan from Peoria, Illinois, also took up residence here – becoming a part of what is now our home’s vibrant community!

Until 1887, the desert road connecting Phoenix to the Hassayampa River was the only passage for travelers near present-day Wickenburg. Grand Avenue then arrived and transformed travel with its newly constructed path from Phoenix through Alhambra, Glendale, and Peoria all the way to Vulture Mine. The settlers of this area recognized a familiar name when filing their plot map with the Maricopa County recorder on May 24th; they chose “Peoria” as an homage to their hometown.

Today, Peoria is a premier destination for residents looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Phoenix while still enjoying its close proximity. From craft beer tasting venues, top-notch golf courses, bustling farmers markets, and a thriving arts community – this city has something for everyone! Come explore all that Peoria, Arizona, has to offer today!

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Top Attractions in Peoria, AZ

From nature hikes to man-made attractions, Peoria offers a variety of activities for people of all ages. One of the top attractions is the Pioneer Community Park, which features a pair of stunning lakes and walking trails winding around them. Visitors can enjoy bike paths and disc golf courses as well!

Peoria is also known for its vibrant culture and active lifestyle. There are countless outdoor activities to keep you entertained, including hiking in Rio Vista Natural Park, biking on the New River Trail, and fishing at Lake Pleasant.

Peoria also offers a variety of shopping destinations, ranging from boutiques and malls such as Peoria Town Center to Park West and Peoria Crossing.

The Lake Pleasant Regional Park is another must-see. This park is over 10,000 acres in size and provides visitors with endless outdoor recreational opportunities. Kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, camping – the list goes on!

If you’re looking for a unique experience, pay a visit to Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium. With hundreds of exotic animals and aquatic creatures from all around the world, this fun-filled attraction is sure to make your stay in Peoria unforgettable.

These are just a few of the incredible attractions that can be found in the vibrant city of Peoria! Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a unique learning experience, there’s something for everyone here. Come explore all that Peoria, Arizona, has to offer today!

Top Places to Visit for Foods & Drinks in Peoria, AZ

No visit to Peoria would be complete without sampling some of its delicious local food and drinks. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, bar-hopping, or just a casual bite, there are plenty of options here.

If you’re in the mood for something special, try China Place for authentic Chinese cuisine or Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar for a unique take on classic steak dishes. For a more casual option, check out Peter Piper Pizza for delicious pies made with fresh ingredients or The Social 83rd for classic pub grub and great craft beers.

For good Mexican food, head to Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant, which offers traditional Mexican dishes and drinks in a festive atmosphere. The Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Peoria-Glendale restaurant serves up delicious barbecue that’s sure to satisfy your craving.

From classic American comfort food and craft breweries to upscale dining and late-night bars, Peoria has it all! Come experience this city’s diverse culinary scene today.

From outdoor recreation to unique attractions and from incredible food to delightful drinks – Peoria, Arizona, offers an array of options that will please everyone. Come discover the unparalleled experiences awaiting you in this captivating city!